My Crazy Story !

I rented a room from a family in Oak Park, CA. Wow, was I in for a surprise. They seemed like a ‘normal’ middle class family but they were putting on a good ‘front’. The were disturbed, and caused me a ton of grief and money.

I would like to say that I wanted NO PART of any kind of trouble. I had a job I was happy with and just wanted to get along and cruise. But they had other plans and dragged me into a nightmare drama. It wasn’t right, and I’m going to ‘OUT’ them. These are some VERY BAD PEOPLE.

The husband started ‘hitting’ on me, and when I rebuffed his advances, he got SO angry and retaliated. He pulled my underwear out of the dryer and hung it out to display it for the whole family and visitors. He followed me around the house, harrassing me and my cat, never leaving us a moment of peace.

The wife was a fifth grade school teacher, but extremely DISRESPECTFUL of my space, as you will see in the video.

The daughter, Sara Jean Deegan, also went creeping around in my bedroom, when I was off at work. $700.00 went missing from my bedroom. She was doing a lot of drugs and having outrageous fits in her bedroom, which was right next to mine.

My beautiful cat died mysteriously, and I was poisoned and had to go to the ER.

More crazy things went on, until I called the cops and had them arrested, and then moved out.

Be careful who you rent from, and if you suspect foul play, turn a video camera on !